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Introducing RLC & Groups

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Azzeh    5

Hey there!

Ever wanted to have your own group? To be the leader of one? To catch 'em-- (Wait no this isn't pokemon)  Well.. Now you can!

Introducing Groups, a new way to collaborate inside our forums!

What does a group offer you ask?
Each group gets its own forum subcategory, blog, calendar, pages and collaboration wall!

Can I make my group special and keep it to my friends?
Yup! You can edit who can join in your group settings!

How can I get one?

Here's the fun part, You can buy one from our store for 2000 RLC, RLC is an earned currency by posting!

How do I get RLC then?
You post, of course! As of the time of writing, each topic created gives you 50 RLC! Each reply gives you 10!

If you have any suggestions as to what we should add to Groups, reply to this topic with them! We're always open to suggestions!

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buddy    4
38 minutes ago, Hexexpeck said:

oh wait i think it shows under my name

Yeah right under ur name for me on computer. and you can't see them on mobile (on my iPhone at least)

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